Whippany Actuation Systems manufactures and engineers unrivaled, highly engineered electric actuation solutions for aerospace and military. They approached us with a blank slate  – no logo, no website, nothing. Company morale was at an all-time low due to being recently sold off by GE. We saw this as an opportunity to stake a claim for the brand, namely that the workers at Whippany actually make the products – they are true manufacturers as opposed to suppliers. We made that the heart of the brand for this company – a position focused on the employees and their ability to make it happen. True partners. JIGsaw involved every level and department in the company into the brand development and discovery process. This gave the employees a true sense of ownership for the new brand. We coordinated the principal photography, designed the new identity system, signage, ads, website, company brochure and tradeshow materials.


The Results: Including employees in the branding process resulted in increased morale throughout the company. The new messaging and approach resonates well in the community and the industry. As the "new kid" in the group, the messaging and design significantly elevated Whippany’s  image. Sales have steadily increased since the new brand launched as a result of exposure.